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7 Most useful tips to increase the speed of internet on your smartphone


7 Most useful tips to increase the speed of internet on your smartphone, By following these 7 simple tips and tricks you can able to get best speed internet.

Tips to increase internet speed

  1. Turn off your mobile data and turn it on this could help you to get fast internet connection because while your are turn off and turn on your data connection, The data connection will be reconnect freshly so that your interest speed may be increased.

2. Turn on Aeroplane mode and turn off this could help you for increasing speed of internet on your smartphone because while doing this method the network will be rebooted and reconnected freshly so that internet data speed will be increased gradually.

3. Try to reset APN settings on your smartphone, Every network provider has APN settings you can find this settings on your smartphone settings ie. Settings>Mobile Networks>Sim Name>APN Settings. After resetting APN your data connection will be resett and you will get best speed of internet.

4. Try to find which network is providing best network connection and data speed because most of the people uses same network provider because the perticular network provider gives you the data for cheap price. In this case the more people on the same area are connected on the same network. The bandwidth of network can’t handle the network traffic and provide you the poor network connection. So try to change your network provider to get best internet speed.

5. Go to your mobile settings and find data usage settings there you can see the apps which are using more data that apps are listed above on the list. You can find out the unwanted app which is using more data and uninstall it to save your mobile data.

6. Find out the unwanted apps using data in background. Those apps are listed in the Mobile data usage settings on your smartphone and set the permission not to use background data for that unwanted apps it could be stop the data use in background and it helps you ge get more internet speed.

7. Reboot your smartphone on the daily basis because this will clear the cache files and junk files on your smartphone and reconnect the network connection. I am sure this will definitely help you to get better speed of internet connection.

By following the above 7 important tips and tricks you can able to increase your data speed and thank you for reading this article visit again.

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