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Whatsapp photos not downloading | Solutions


The whatsapp sever has been temporarily down at world wide so whatsapp photos are not downloading,whatsapp audio is not downloading, whatsapp videos not downloading, whatsapp status not downloading, not only for the India it happening world wide, the world wide whatsapp server has been down. so many of the whatsapp users are reporting this issue in the social media but this is a normal regular issue in with the whatsapp servers so it has been already spotted server down problems of whatsapp in several times.

In December 2012 also whatsapp has been spotted with high priority server down issue and the issue has been solved within 24 hours, and also In the March 13th 2019 whatsdapp has spotted with server down issue in this issue the whatsapp users will not able to upload the photos audios and videos to he whatsapp, But this issue has been also solved within the 24 hours.

In India regarding whatsapp sever down issue there is a fake message it contains,

( What’s app will b off
From 11.30pm to 6:00 am daily
Declared by central govt.
Message from narendra modi (PM) we
have had an over usage of user names on whatsapp
Messenger. We are requesting all users to forward this
message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward
this message, we will take it as your account is invalid
and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. DO
NOT ignore my words or whatsapp will no longer
recognise your activation. If you wish to re-activate your
account after it has been deleted, a charge of 499.00 will
be added to your monthly bill. We are also aware of the
issue involving the pictures updates not showing. We are
working diligently at fixing this problem and it will be up
and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your
cooperation from the modi team. WhatsApp is going
to cost you money soon. The only way that it will stay
free is if you are a frequent user i.e. you have at least 50
people you are chatting with. To become a frequent user
send this message to 10 people who receive it (2 ticks)
and your WhatsApp logo will change color.
send this to 8 people to activate the new whatsapp..
Saturday morning whatsapp will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts send them this message. In this way we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will become blue (🔵) and will remain free. (As discussed in the paper today. Whatsapp will cost 0.01€ per message. Send this message to 10 people. When you do the light will turn blue
otherwise whatsapp will activate billing.

ITS TRUE …… U get blue TICKS )

But it was a true fake message so people you don’t worry about this fake message.

Whatsapp has been officially announced it has been a app issue, and the server down maintenance it will be solve this issue as soon as possible.

Top 10 best android apps 2019


Hi friends I am back with an exiting android apps which will mind blow yourself, by installing this application you will able to enjoy exiting services which would never experienced before yet. In 2019 there are many android apps in the play store that will more helpful fore the android smartphone users. Now days the android application developers are providing new and unique types of android apps that can allow us to use and take the advantages of that android app services for free like without paying any cost for that applications.

1. Calloop Android App Pro Download For Free

The calloop android application is the amazing app because i found this app in google play store today and I never trusted its going to work or not, but after installing this application its providing good service for me, the service is this app will help us to get amazing caller id animation showing on our android smartphone.

To install this application the link will be given below of this paragraph, download the app from the play store and open the app and enable the settings the needs, after that choose the animation template.

Then whenever you receive call there is the exiting caller id animation which can expose yourself in the friends cricket in a next level.

2. Recover deleted messages on whatsapp android application (WAMR Application download for free)

The second interesting application is WhatsApp deleted message saving application, the WhatsApp has been launched a new service called delete for everyone feature by using this feature any person can delete the message which have been already sent by them so if they made any mistake they can easily delete their message which they have been sent that deleted message doesn’t show on to the another person ever. I think you have been exciting to know about this application called WhatsApp deleted message saving application this application will help you to know and see the deleted message that have been already deleted by another person which was doesn’t show on your phone’s chat but by installing this application you can able to read that message they have been deleted or they have been deleted message using delete for everyone feature so this application is not only for the text message but this application is also works for the photos if they deleted the photos which they have sent then you can able to see the photos they have been deleted.

I think this application may helpful for you. Let’s see how does this application will work this application will work in the background if any WhatsApp message has been received to your phone this application will say that message an if anyone delete the message they have been sent to you this application will recover automatically recover the message they have been deleted so let’s see the steps involved in this application you must download the application from the below link and install that application as enabling the unknown sources after successfully installing this application open the application and please enable the required settings the ads is asking for you after that please minimise the application in background and use the WhatsApp as usual to download the application the link have been given this paragraph below.

3. Download whatsapp toolkit app

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4. Create your own cartoon character video ( meing app download )

The old version of meing will help you to create your own cartoon character videos, Install this app and create your own cartoon video , yeah its will look like you . the meing old apk version has different types of video templates so that you can able to make your own cartoon animation video by using this android application.

5. Full WhatsApp Status Video ( WhatsApp Cut Pro Apk)

Whats cut pro application will help you to upload full videos to the WhatsApp status you can upload full video songs for you. WhatsApp is not officially announcing full video status for WhatsApp it’s a limited for 30 seconds only but by installing this whatscut pro application you can able to upload full videos bywhatscut pro application the full length video will be cut or split by 30 seconds video and it will be uploaded to the WhatsApp status sequence li so you can able to enjoy the full WhatsApp video status

Application link in the description so install that application and open and use that WhatsApp application to upload the full videos status to your WhatsApp.

6. Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Android App ( Repetitouch pro alternative)

This application is allows to you type automatically on your Mobile screen and its can able to send multiple messages simultaneously without any break as we scheduled this app, Its work as overly of our mobile screen and we have to schedule a task to this app. And it will gets clicks on the mobile screen automatically if we click the start button.

How to enable Hotspot on Jio Phone? 100% Working – New update May 2019


You can enable the hotspot in your Jio Phone by following this tips .. To enable hotspot in Jio Phone now these models are supported.

  • LYF_F10Q
  • LYF_F30C
  • LYF_F50Y
  • LYF_F90M
  • LYF_F120B
  • LYF_F2403N

Make sure your Jio Phone Model is listed above.

Requirements: You must have a laptop or computer and instal the miracle box software. To install the software the link have been given below.

After downloading the zip file you need extract there you get the password for installing the Miracle box in the txt file after that click on the miracle box exe installer then enter the password now our first step is completed.

How to install OmniSD on Jio Phone?

Next download JIO PHONE ALL QC OmniSD zip file from below which contains the programmer files of jio phone(all models)

After downloading the omnisd for jio phone zip file extract that zip file into the desktop now our second step is completed.

Next Backup your all data including contacts from your Jio Phone because in this step we are going to flash our jio phone.

Now open Miracle Box software and click on the qualcomm section and click on the flashing button then disable the auto I have shown in the example picture below.

qualcomm, flashing and disable auto

After that choose a programer file from the zip you have already extracted from the Jio phone OmniSD zip file for your Jio Phone Model As shown in the picture below.

After choosing the programmer file from next choose the RawProgram file and Patch File same as shown in the picture, then tick the new method.

select raw program file
select patch file same as above

Jio Phone Drivers For Windows

Now download the driver and install on your computer for connecting jio phone, link given below.

Now switch off your jio phone and connect your jio phone with micro USB cable by long pressing * and # keys simultaneously or if not connected then long press ok key in your jio phone and you able to see a flashing screen in jio phone that means your jio phone has been successfully connected to your computer.

connect usb cable

Now click port in the miracle box and select new method then click start button and wait for sometime jio phone will be flashed in few minutes.

select port, new method, and press start

Jio Phone Fast APN Settings

Now remove usb and power on your jio phone, next open network setting and add a new apn called jionet and save and select that vpn to turn on the internet data, As shown in the picture.

goto settings, network settings apn settings

How to install Hotspot on Jio Phone?

Now download the JbHotspot zip file from your jio phone, So browse kannadatech.com in your jio phone and find How to enable hotspot in jio phone post and open this article and download the zip file from below.

After downloading jb hotspot zip file now open a app called omnisd from your jio phone that app will be automatically installed in your jiophone, So open the omni sd app and you can able to see the JbHotspot Zip file then click ok on that file the hotspot will be installed in your jio phone then once open that jb hotspot app and reboot your jio phone that’s it the hotspot has been successfully enabled on your jio phone, Now you can connect jio phone hotspot to your smartphone and computers.

How to turn on hotspot on Jio Phone?

Open omniSD app from the menu after rebooting your Jio phone and click install JBHotspot.zip


After installing open jb hotspot app from menu and restart your phone again , after rebooting open the JBHotspot and connect hotspot with any devices.

you can notice a hotspot symbol in jio phone now connect to any device.

You cant understand this please watch the video about how to enable hotspot on jio phone (click and watch the videos):

How to enable Hotspot in Jio Phone? 100% Working New Update 2019🔥|| Kannada Tech

Thank you for reading this article, Please support us by reading more posts and articles from kannadatech.com website, visit again and thank you.

How to know the all details about election candidate of our constituency? -Voter helpline Application download and get all details about election candidates


By installing this application you can able to know all the details about the candidate in your constituency like his address father name age and how many property he owns is he punished by the law etc..

Then you can able to see all the forms which is provided by the candidate to join the election or to become a candidate.

First download and open the app after that select the CANDIDATE menu then select the constituency then select your phase after that select state and district and select OK.. Then you can able to see the members list then select any candidate you can able read their all personal details.

By this way you can able to judge the candidate.

5 Must Have Apps For Whatsapp Users


Hello my dear friends I have came back with an another interesting topic which will mind blow you.. lets get into the topic.

I am going to introduce you the 5 interesting android apps that the apps are more useful for the all whatsapp users in their daily lifetime.. because these apps are amazing for you.. lets go and check these apps. please read this article till end, and the download link is given in between the middle of this article so do not miss out the app downloads.

1. Send Whatsapp message without saving contact number (WhatsMe)

By using this application you can able to send whatsapp messages directly to a person without saving his contact number in your phone.

first you have to download and open the app and paste the number which is available in the call history.

then click open chat now you can able to send direct messages..

2. Convert Whatsapp Voice To Text Message (TransScriber)

By using this application you can able to convert any voice messages in whatsapp to a text message.. first download and install the app and just use the whatsapp as usual if you get any whatsapp voice message then click and hold the message and share that to the Transcriber App then the voice message will be automatically converted into a text message.

3. Schedule Whatsapp Messages (SKEDit)

SKEDit Application is a very helpful app for all smart phone users, because this app is used to automate our smartphone by making schedule calls and messages to anyone while we are busy in other works.

ex: if we wanted to wish our girlfriend birthday at 12am but that time is our sleeping time. In this case we can able to schedule a birthday wish message to our loved one and also we can sleep without any worrry..

First download the app and open it after that you have to choose the whatsapp tab and then choose the contact from the address book and add a custom message then set a particular time and date to deliver the message then click save that’s it the message will sent to the scheduled time.

4. Whatsapp Call Recording App (Cube ACR)

By installing this app you can able to record the whatsapp voice calls ..

first download the app and select the whatsapp mode that’s it whenever you talk in whatsapp call with anyone the audio will be automatically recorded, to check the recorded voice open the cube acr app.

5. Whatsapp Chat Lock (WhatLock)

This whatlock application is very good choice for those who making private chat with their girlfriend or boyfriend, And you don’t like to read anyone your private messages so in this case this app will more helpful for your better privacy.

First you need to download the app and install and open it then set a password after that select a contact to lock the chat in the whatsapp , Now don’t worry your chat is safe with whatslock password protection.

6. Type full messages in short code.. Easy typing app download

by using this application you can able to type text messages fastly within a seconds first download and install the app from here.

Additional bonus application.. is you can able to create your own whatsapp stickers watch this videos for more information.

Create own whatsapp stickers in kannada : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVgV1rgkKEc

Create own whatsapp stickers in tamil :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPQdHZM3a4E

How to reply automatically WhatsApp messages – Amazing trick 2019 – Kannada Tech


Hello friends welcome to Kannada tech in this article I am going to introduce you an new application called WhatsApp Auto reply bot.. this application will help you to reply the person who have a message you automatically when you are busy I think this application that will be more helpful for you so please read this article fully I am download this application the link has been given in the bottom of this article.

Auto reply application for WhatsApp

Reply Automatically in WhatsApp messeges

After downloading this application you have to add some rules that you wanted to be reply with the message particularly for example if someone sends hi the reply should be hello like that because this application can’t understand how to reply the person with the particular messages so you have to create an rules for making this Auto reply feature so that all of the simple steps I have explained below
Next you have to click on the plus button after clicking the plus button you have to make a new rule so that winter the message the particular of the person who will send you for example hi hello had your dinner like that next after that you have to enter aeroplane message in the reply message column after typing your reply message column you can able to modify your daily second time delay seconds are you can able to choose the particular contact or you have to remove the particular card that’s from the Whatsapp so that you have to enter the name of the contact and separate them by typing coma,

Best App Ever…

Enable auto reply in WhatsApp App

So like this you have to create the many of rules for the application should work properly because if someone sensor various message types this application should able to reply them quickly then you are in a business situation..

So that’s it guys if you want to download this application that link has been given here so click the download application button and download this application.

I think this article may be helpful for you and you feel like this article please share this article to your friends and visit again our Kannada tech website thank you and welcome back.

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