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Control Another Android Phone? How to See Others Whatsapp Messages – 100% Working App for Free

Control Another Android Phone? How to See Others Whatsapp Messages..

Nowadays even a small child has a smartphone and is able to do whatever he wants. Though technology is a gift for us and made our life much easier and better, on
the other hand, it is very dangerous than it looks. Small children who don’t even know about the danger are likely to fall in different scams and ruin their life. hence
it’s better to have a look at what exactly are your children doing on their smartphones.

Control Another Android Phone

To make your work easier here is a website called celltracker.io. On this website, you can track anyone’s phone by installing this application. For example, you can track
the message, call, photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, etc.

Click the link below and you have to register and create an account. Add all the information and proceed. Download the app and install it in any browser. Give permission
to all the restrictions by allowing it.

How to See Others Whatsapp Messages

After all registration, you are now able to see all the activity in the tracking mobile. you are able to see their contacts, call, messages, social media activity,
without their knowledge. Also, you can take some actions on their mobile even if the phone is not near you. you can click pictures, record voice and even formate their
mobile by just a click.

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This is a perfect application for parents to control their children’s activity on their smartphones and take care of them.
thankyou for reading.

Tarsons Products IPO Allotment Application Status Latest November 2021

Tarsons Products IPO Allotment Application Status Latest November 2021: The latest update on tarsons ipo allotyment announcement as been extected on 23 November 2021. But As expected Tarsons IPO has not been announced today. But tarsons allotment can be announce at any time by today, better suggestion is be calm do not worry while fighting with a bull. As I expect the IPO Allotment can be done on November 24 2021.

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The Indian labware company will refund money to the unsuccessful investors’s bank accounts by November 24 2021, and the eligible investors shares can get credited demat accounts by November 25 2021. The final listing of shares will be 26 November 2021 on NSE and BSE.

Tarsons Products IPO Allotment

Tarsons IPO was subscribed at 77.49 times. Non-institutional investors had bought shares 184.58 times Also institutional buyers bids 115.77 times reserved their portion of tarsons products initial public offering. The employees are subscribe 1.8 times. The retailers are subscribed upto 10.56 time. The gray market demands the Tarsons products IPO can be listed at 25-30% over priced at the market which is ₹810 to ₹830 per share.

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Tarsons Products IPO allotment status check

The public issue of worth ₹1,023.47 crore Tarsons Products shares will be announced at BSE website and Also on the KFintech and its official site is tarsons.com. To check your aallotment status just follow the instructs below.

Tarsons IPO allotment Status

How to check Tarsons Products IPO allotment status Online

  1. Visit https://bseindia.com/investors/appli_check.aspx or https://kprism.kfintech.com/ipostatus/
  2. Select Tarsons Products IPO.
  3. Enter application number.
  4. Enter PAN details.
  5. Verify captcha and click submit.

There you will get your allotment status; Thank you.

PUBG New State APK + OBB Download Link 2021 Free

PUBG New State APK + OBB Download Link 2021 Free: This battle royal game is developed by PUBG Studios, Who was already developed PUBG Mobile game. The PUBG Mobile game has reached the all over the world and becomes a famous battle royal game.

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This New PUBG New state game is also has the same playing rules like PUBG. The New State games comes with ultra realist graphics that is new era of mobile gaming in 2021. The games creates the environment of futuristic 2050 year.
PUBG New State will be released globally on 11 November 2021. Now you can Download PUBG New State Beta Apk and Play it.

How to Download PUBG New State APK

Now you can only download PUBG new state beta apk from the link given bellow. For the official version will be available on November 11. just follow the instructions for downloading.

  1. Just click the download button below.
  2. Now the APK will be downloaded into your phone storage.
  3. Just open the file and click install button.
  4. If you are not enabled unknown sources installation enable it.
  5. After all done the game will be installed to your smartphone and enjoy your game.

PUBG: New State Beta Apk Download Link

PUBG: New State Pre-Registration Link

If you wanted to install the official playstore release you can just pre-register for this game in playstore and you can able to get amazing rewards after the launch.

DREAM11 Ban in Karnataka No Access to Join Contests. Is Dream 11 Banned in Karnataka?

DREAM11 Ban in KarnatakaM11: After Karnataka’s new Police Act 2021 Says All the online betting apps, money wagering, and game of chance apps should be banned in the Karnataka state.

DREAM11 Ban in Karnataka

Dream11 still operates of this new rule, but An fantasy app MPL was already stopped access to play games in the Karnataka states.

But Dream 11 refused to stop services and still claims our game is on the basis of game of chance so we are complying with the rule so we cannot agree to ban.

A person called MAnjunath from Karnataka has failed to complain about Dream11 founders for not following the Karnataka police act 2021. Then after FIR now DREAM 11 stopped access for playing contests in the Karnataka state. a message displaying in dream 11 as Sorry, If your currently resident and/or bank account is from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim or Telangana you cannot participate in the cash contests on DREAM11.

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The game is fully not banned in Karnataka, they still will fight with the law in the court.

WhatsApp Not Working Why? Message not sending? Facebook Instagram not working Solution? Today 4 October 2021 Solved

Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram has been stopped working because of server crash on Facebook

Facebook has announced on Twitter do not afraid on this because Facebook has said we are working angrily how to solve this problem so that’s why the problem will be solved in two to three hours.

WhatsApp Not Working, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Not working

WhatsApp Not Working Sollution?

Due to internal server Access on Facebook we cannot solve this problem by sitting at home.

all we can do is simply wait until the problem will be solved soon.

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What is Solar Power System? Types of Solar Power System? in India 2021 Free Energy


Solar Power System

  1. Introduction: Solar panels converts energy from sunlight into electricity. Nowadays people are adopting polar panels for sustainability and cost effectiveness. The most of electricity is made by burning fossil fuels and nuclear power plants which is more dangerous for our nature. Solar panels uses unlimited natural energy from the sun to generate electricity without causing pollution. Also once we have installed the solar panels, We do not have to spend money for electricity. Provides unlimited free electricity and its cost effective also.

Types of Solar Power System

  • Types of solar panels:  Commonly there are two types of solar panels available in the market which is On-Grid & Off-Grid, The difference between these solar system On-Grid works with the grid system Off-Grid works independently.
  • On-Grid Solar Syetm:  It includes 3 types of components 1. Solar panel  2. Inverter  3. Net Meter (analyses the output of power) This  type of solar system is connected to this electric grid system. It help us to reduce electricity bill. Solar panel produces DC from sunlight, Inverter converts DC to AC and Power Home /Business. Excess power set back to the grid by the net meter. However this types of solar system will not work during power outages, recommended to use in minimal power outage places.
What is an on-grid solar power system? types of solar power system, solar panel

What if there are some remote places with more power outages or no power supply?

  • Off-Grid Solar System: It will work more effective even when there is not power supply. This solar power system includes 1. Solar panel  2. Inverter and 3. Battery.

How did it work? The solar panel generates DC energy. Inverter converts generated DC to AC Power up the home or business appliances. If the power usage is less generated excess power will be stored in the battery and this will be used during power outages and the solar panel could not generate power (during night times).  This type of solar system is more recommended to use in places like there are more power cuts and no power supply. If we installed this type of solar system this is a one-time investment to get unlimited free electricity for a long time with minimal cost.

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What is an off-grid solar power system?

However both solar systems have their own advantages, On-Grid Solar system is easy to install and cost-effective, for home/business you can save more money on the electricity bill.

In an Off-Grid solar system remote areas with no power supply and power cut at any time can use this solar system to generate and store electricity and use when needed like night times, during power outages, and power cut also in rainy seasons.