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How To Track Any Person Whatsapp Accounts And Full Day Activities Easily – Android App Download [ Get Notification When Someone Came Online ]

Hi friends I am back with an another exiting android application by installing this application you can able to track your friends or family whatsapp accounts easily. And you will get the notification when your friend come online.

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I found an application today I just looking forward to share that app with you friends because this app has amazing features for the all whatsapp users so that I am recommending this app for you ..

This app will work as a watch man for any whatsapp account that you have already added to the tracklist in this application. If you added any number to the tracklist this app will monitor that whatsapp account and this app will alert you in the notification if the victim came online or if he changes profile picture or dp the app will alert you through the notifier.

How To Download Whatsapp Tracker Application..

To download the whatsapp tracker application the download link has been given in the description so you can download from there..

Get Notification When Someone Is Online On Whatsapp ? Android App Download

First Download and install the application from the link given below after installing the application..

After installing the application select the plus icon select whatsapp and add a phone number press ok then add a name and press ok now the contact has been added to the track list.

Thats it now if the victim came online you will get the notification

To download this application click the below download button.

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How To Call With Private Number ? 100% Working 2020| Android Application Review

To Call With Private Number.. You can able to call any person without showing your number – Means you can able to call with Private Number. So that by installing an android application that will help you to call with unknown number.

How To Call With Private Number

Now days in appstore or play store there are more application exist so that all apps are fake not useful for us, So that I found you better 100% working ..

How can I hide my phone number when making a phone call ?

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  1. Download the app given below of this article.
  2. Register With your number
  3. Enable anonymous
  4. Ready to call with private number.

How To Make Private Phone Calls ? Android App?

Install the app given below of this article and open that application after that open the app now you have to register with your phone number .. enter your phone number and click proceed next you will receive the otp then enter that otp and click next after that the application will be opened but not ready to call with the private number so that you have to enable the private number feature in the app setting to know how to do that see the picture below.

Enable Private Number Calling In Your Android Phone.

To enable the private number calling feature just go to the application menu and click on the my account and just tap on the anonymous to enable the private number calling feature.

Talk 360 App Free Talktime Promo Code

To get the extra 5 minutes you can use the application promo code below while purchasing the credit you will get 30% off discount.

Private Number Calling Software For Android Phone or Android Smartphone.

To download the private number calling software the download link is given below so that you can able to download the app make make private number calling..

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Private number calling 100% working proof.

The important thing is private calling works with the jio numbers only.

I believe this article is more helpful for you and please share this article to your friends and family to aware this information also I have posted many more related articles in this website if you have free time you can read that and gain the knowledge.

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Other department LINKS So download the private calling app from above link

How to Create Your Own Stickers With Own Dialogues in Whatsapp – Step by Step Explanation With Pictures

Hey, isn’t that cool to show your expression through emoji’s while chatting in WhatsApp. 

I just love it…

And now WhatsApp had added a extra cheese for this by introducing a new feature of sending stickers. Now chatting had become a bit more funny and interesting. 

But if you have an opportunity of sending your own stickers and showing your own expression. Isn’t that awesome.

Yeah, here is the way to create your own stickers in WhatsApp using your photos.

Just follow the steps below.

1. How To Remove Photo Background Automatically ? Easy Step Without Any App

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You can able to remove your photo background without installing any applications so I found an interesting website that will help you to remove the background of any photo without wasting time. You just upload your photos to that website and you can able to download your background removed png photo instantly. As I shown in the picture.

2. How to Install PixelLab App And Make your Own Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues.

Download the pixellab app the download link has given in the description so you can install that.

Step 1

After installing the Pixel lab Open the app and click on the layer icon and choose the transparent.

Step 2

Click on the icon which is showed in the picture and import the png image file that you have created on the website..

Step 3

Click on the text and add your text on the image .

Step 4

Extract to Internal

Save the image or photo file that you have installed.

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3. How To Install Personal Stickers For Whatsapp And Add Our Created Stickers To Whatsapp?

 Step 1

  • Install ‘Personalized sticker for WhatsApp’ app which is available in playstore.
  • Open the app.
  • In the ‘pixellab’ folder you can see the stickers you made. Select them.
  • Click ADD.

If you are adding for the first time you will be having a criteria of adding minimum of 3 stickers. So select 3 or more than 3 stickers and add.

Now you will be asked for a confirmation for adding. Click ADD.

And now all your stickers have been added to your WhatsApp.

But before that check weather your WhatsApp is added to Beta version. If not add it to Beta version. 

So now you can open your WhatsApp and share all your stickers to your friends.

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NOTE: For erasing background you can also use PixelLab or any other app which can erase the background of your image and then post it in ‘Personalized sticker for WhatsApp’. 

Thank you for reading. 

How to Download Aadhar Card Using Your Mobile Phone Easily? New Update March 2019 ..In Just 4 Steps


According to today’s situation of India, aadhar card is considered as the very important document that every citizen of India should have. It is the identity of every people in India. 

It is also used as identity proof, address proof etc… and it is linked to many of our things such as mobile number, driving licence, ration card etc… So, at this situation its very important to have your aadhad card in your pocket.

But wait a moment, at this grow technology of digital media, we have all our basic necessities in our mobile phone like money transfer, shopping, paying bills, recharge etc… So no need of having credit cards or debit cards in your pocket. But what about aadhar card.

And additionally there is a chance of forgetting your purse or files at home. But it is impossible to forget your mobile phone. No one does soo…

Hence if we have a chance of having our aadhar card in our mobile phone. isn’t that cool. And the good news is yes, you can…

Just follow the steps below.

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Step 1

  • Open the chrome browser in your mobile.
  • Visit ‘uidai.gov.in’ website. (Direct link given below of this article)
  • Scroll down and there you can see ‘download aadhar’.
  • Click on it.  

Step 2

  • Next page will be opened. There you can see an important note. Read it carefully.( There will be a password for opening your aadhar card which will have 4 alphabets of your name and your birth year).
  • After reading click X mark in top right of notification.

Step 3

  • If you have enrollment, then you can go with your enrollment by writing Id number, pin code and name. If not you can go with aadhar number by clicking on aadhar.
  • Enter your aadhar number, full name and pin code.
  • Below there is an image text, write it down the characters below in the column as it is in the image.
  • Now cross check the information once again.
  • Click on ‘Get one time password’.
  • And click agree and confirm.

Step 4

  • Now you will be getting a OTP to the mobile number which is linked to your aadhar card.
  • Enter the OTP below.
  • And scroll down and you can choose any options from the survey.
  • Click on ‘download’.

Now your aadhar card will be downloaded to your mobile. But for opening this you have to enter a password.

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The password consists of 8 characters in which first 4 is the first 4 alphabet of your name( Ex: If the name is Manjunath then first 4 characters are- manj) and the second 4 characters is your birth year( Ex: 1997). Enter this without any space or capital letter. (Ex: MANJ1997). 

After this click done. Now you can see your aadhar card in your mobile phone.

Click the above button for aadhar official uidai website to download aadhar copy online.

Note: For opening your aadhar card in mobile its necessary to have a pdf reader app in your mobile. You can download this from the PlayStore.

You will be having a clear image of your aadhar card in your mobile.

Thank you for reading… 

GPS Survey App – Surveying With Android Smartphone Application

What is GPS ?

GPS refers to global positioning system which will help you to track your real location where you are standing with help of map. By using this GPS device you can able to navigate where you wanted to go. Now days GPS is using in various field like transportation , travelling, and also for GPS Mapping and surveying.

GPS Surveying and Mapping With Smartphone

Surveying land and building are important needs of all people like real estate formers and etc.. Also the cost for the surveying is too much. And the demanding for the land survey is also in high rate. I am not recommending this GPS Survey because this types of GPS Survey will not able to give you 100% accurate results so that u can able to use this mobile gps surveying app for only estimating purposes. If you want to seriously buying or selling your property then you can go with the local surveyor.

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How To Install GPS Survey Application For Our Smartphone ?

To Install GPS Survey Application to your android smartphone app download link given below of this article so that you can download the GPS Survey app ans use GPS Surveying feature.

How to use GPS Survey App?

Step 1

Download and install the app and after installing you have to open that application and there you have to choose your current location or choose your location where your land or the property is located.

Step 2

After choosing the location then click the box icon which is shown in the example pictures so that after choosing that button click the satellite icon now the map will be converted into satellite view like a real world pictures so that you can able to mark your survey pointing easily.

Step 3

Then click on the setting icon there choose the measuring units as acre , hector, or in the square foot. By using this method you will get the results which you can able to easily understand.

Step 4

Click the plus button and choose the area then select the manual measuring option then you have to start marking on the map where your land is showing.

After marking you can able to see the the measured area of your land in units that you are already selected (Units will show the left side bottom screen).. Now the land survey is completed you can able to survey your land and buildings like this.

Download GPS Survey App: Geo Measure Area calculator
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To download the app click the above button and install that App , I this this article will helpful for you please share this article to your friends..

Thank you for reading this article and visit again.

TRAI New DTH Rules Details December 29 2018 Maximum Price (MRP) of Pay TV Channels – TV Channels Price List


The Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI): The new regulatory framework ensures that the real and informed choice is made available to consumer. As per the new framework the consumer will get to choose the channels of her/his choice. The freedom of choice will mean a direct control of the consumer on his monthly bill for Television Services.

The new train DTH and Cable TV rules explained.. The TRAI Is going to implement the new rules and regulations to the dth and cable tv operators.. That would lead to low price channels in India, As compared to old trai rules the new framework of 2018 is better and effective.

The TRAI new rule on dth and cable tv is the subscriber need to pay 130 Rs. per month for dth handling and service charges, Also the subscriber will get 100 free to air channels if the subscriber need to watch any other channel he can afford the a-la-carte packages .. And TRAI announced the per channel price is maximum of 19 Rs. So that the television channel broadcaster can able to fix his channel price below of 19 Rs,. In this new rules and regulation the monthly subscription charges may get reduced as compared to the old bundled packages..

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As per the new rules the tv channel price list is given below.

New Framework for Cable TV Services Price List Of Channels December 29 2019 (GST Not Included)

Sl No.

Name of the channel
MRP as per New Regulatory Framework 2017 Declared as SD or HD
1 The History Channel4SD
2 Histroy TV 18 HD9SD
3 Asianet19SD/HD
4 Asianet Movies15SD
5 Suvarna Plus5SD
6 Star Suvarna HD19HD
7 Star Suvarna19SD
8 Movies Now HD15HD
9 Animal Planet2SD
11 Discovery Science / TURBO1SD
12 Discovery HD World6HD
13 Animal Planet HD World3HD
14 UTV Movies2SD
15 Hungama TV6SD
17 Jaya TV HD19HD
20 Nat Geo Wild1SD
21 National Geographic HD10HD
22 Nat Geo Wild HD5HD
26 PIX10SD
33 Ten 2 /317HD
Ten 1
Ten 2
Ten 3
37 Star Sports 34SD
38 Star Sports 1 Tamil17SD
39 Star Sports Select 27SD
40 Star Sports 1 Hindi19SD
41 Star Gold8SD
42 Star Movies12SD
43 Star Plus19SD
44 Star Sports 119SD
45 Star Sports 26SD
46 Star Sports HD 1/219HD
47 Star Gold HD10HD
48 Star Movies HD19HD
49 Star Gold Select7SD
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Sl No.

Name of the channel

MRP as per New Regulatory Framework 2017

Declared as SD or HD
50 Star Plus HD16HD
51 Star Sports 1 HD Hindi19HD
52 Star Sports Select 119SD
53 Star Movies Select HD10HD
54 Star Sports First1SD
55 MAA Movies10SD
57 Star Sports Select HD 119HD
58 Star Sports Select HD 1210HD
59 Star Sports Select HD 119HD
60 MAA Movies HD19HD
61 Star Sport 1 Telugu19SD
62 Star Sport 1 Kannada19SD
63 Adithya TV9SD
64 Chintu TV6SD
65 Chutti TV6SD
66 Gemini Comedy5SD
67 Gemini Movies17SD
68 Gemini TV19SD
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Sl No.

Name of the channel

MRP as per New Regulatory Framework 2017

Declared as SD or HD
69 KTV19SD
70 Surya Movies11SD
71 SUN Life9SD
72 Sun Music6SD
73 Surya Music4SD
75 Surya Comedy4SD
76 Surya TV12SD
77 Udaya Comedy6SD
78 Udaya Movies19SD
79 Udaya Music6SD
80 Udaya TV17SD
81 Kochu TV5SD
82 Sun TV HD19HD
84 Sun Music HD19HD
85 Gemini TV HD19HD
86 Gemini Music HD19HD
87 Gemini Movies HD19HD
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Sl No.

Name of the channel

MRP as per New Regulatory Framework 2017

Declared as SD or HD
88 Surya TV HD19HD
89 Udaya TV HD19HD
90 Cartoon Network4.25SD
91 HBO10SD
92 POGO2.25SD
93 Cartoon Network HD+10HD
96 Colors19SD
100 Colors Infinity HD9HD
101 Colors HD19HD
103 Colors Kannada HD19HD
104 Colors Marathi HD19HD
105 Colors Super8SD
106 Colors Kannada19SD
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Sl No.

Name of the channel

MRP as per New Regulatory Framework 2017

Declared as SD or HD
106 Colors Marathi15SD
107 Colors Tamil3SD
108 Colors Oriya6SD
109 Colors Tamil HD7HD
110 Colors Kannada Cinema2SD
111 Vijay TV17SD
112 Vijay Super2SD
113 Vijay HD19HD
114 Zee Cinema19SD/HD
115 & Picture10SD
116 & Picture19HD
117 Zee Telugu19HD
118 Zee Tamil HD19HD
119 Zee Telugu HD19HD
120 Zee Tamil12SD
121 Zee Kannada19HD/SD
122 Movies Now12SD
123 & TV12SD
124 & TV19HD

I think this information is more helpful for you have a nice day. Thank you for reading this article Please visit again.