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How to forward a message to more than 5 people using WhatsApp: In just 4 steps(with pictures)


Hey, saw a very cool video and wanted to share it with your friends using WhatsApp. Then go on and share it.

Ohoo, but wait a moment. You can’t share it with with more than 5 people at a time. So are you worried about having an alternate app only for the sharing messages to friends at a time. Just like GB WhatsApp or etc…

Not need, you can share any message, photos, videos etc… for any number of people by using your official WhatsApp. And here is the simple way for that.

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Step 1

  • Long press the message you wanted to share. 
  • After selecting click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click copy.

Step 2

  • After copying come back to the home screen of your WhatsApp.
  • On the top right corner of the screen you can see the 3 dots, now click on it.
  • Click New broadcast.

Step 3

  • Now you can see your contact list there.
  • Select the people to whom you wanted to send the message (this may be any number).
  • Click the right button in the bottom in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 4

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  • Now paste the copied message in the typing section below by long pressing and click paste.
  • Click the arrow button and send the message.

And now your message will be all the contacts you selected at the same time but in different messages.

This is how you can forward your message to any number of people at the same time without using any extra apps.

Now a days, there are many spammers in WhatsApp Messanger. To avoid such huge number of spam message in the social media or in WhatsApp, this type of privacy policies have been updated in WhatsApp.

Thank you for reading.

How to join WhatsApp beta tester program officially? Even beta program is full 100% working whatsapp tips With Step By Step Pictures


Hello KANNADA TECH visitors I am back with an another exiting whatsapp tip. By using this tip you can able to become whatsapp beta tester program without any unnecessary third party whatsapp application installation, You can directly port your public whatsapp version to the whatsappbeta version without any risk..

But before that you need to backup your whatsapp chat history or data, because you need to uninstall the previous version of your whatsapp application then you need to register for whatsapp beta version, The approval for the whatsapp beta program is fully approved within a minute after you can install the whatsapp app to your android smartphone.

The main reason why we update our whatsapp application to the beta version is whatsapp provides their all updates to their beta users so that all beta tester can take the whatsapp new feature earlier than the public users, Now days whatsapp is providing exiting feature updates to improving of better user interface with the whatsapp users so that the people will have more chances to like and use the whatsapp application, Also whatsapp is not displays any types of advertisements in its application  so users likes this types app apps because without any advertisement they can enjoy the all features of the whatsapp, Then and now whatsapp application is not a paid application by this reason this application more famous in the internet market also this whatsapp application have the number 1 place for the android application market. 

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To become whatsapp beta tester link given below in this article you can register for whatsapp beta program. After clicking that whatsapp beta tester registration  then you can regester for whatsap beta program .

The given link will redirect you to the whatsapp beta invitation page their you have to click the BECOME A TESTER After clickking the become a beta tester link you have to follow these steps according to the example images which have been given below..

1st Step.

Visit the link which we provided end of this article page after clicking that link the whatsapp beta version page will be open so you can read the whatsapp terms and conditions, After reading the whatsapp terms and conditions then you need to scroll down there you can see the BECOME A TESTER button you have to click on that link.

Step 2.

In this second step you have to uninstall your preivious version of your whatsap, so that you have to open the playstore then search for the whatsapp messenger app then click uninstall, If you wait for few minutes for the update of joining beta program. You have to wait until the whatsapp beta program is shown means in the playstore their will be automatically you can see the message like: You are the beta tester for this app.. As I shown in the example image in below.

Step 3.

Click on the install button the whatsapp beta version will automatically downloader to your smartphone so that you can enjoy all whatsapp updates earlier.. 

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I think this article will more helpful for you our website kannadatech.com provides these kinds of technology related information updates everyday so stay updated for our next update..

And also you wanted to watch tutorial video about how to become a whatsapp beta tester even the whatsapp beta program is full you can watch our youtube video on our KANNADA TECH channel, the video link have been given below, Also this method is 100% working in the all types of devices

So thank you for visiting our blog we wish you to visit again for most interesting technology updates in genuine method.

How to create your own face animated gif ? Android Application Morphin – GIFs just go better


Hello friends I have came with a new exiting application this application is helps you to create your own faced or look like you.. amazing gif. And you can shar that gifs to your family.. after seeing your own animated gif files they will be surprised !.. 

You can also create your friends gifs by their own face but before that you need a one perfect photo of them.. 

First you need to download the app called Morphin GIFs Aplication in playstore but the app in beta testing mode also the download limit has been finished so now you cant download this Morphin Gif Application from  our kannadatech.com website the Application download link will be in the below of this this article.. so you can directly install that application from our website. Ater downloading the morphon application you need to enable the unknown sources from your android settings .. After that you can install the morphin application to your android smartphone easily..

Step 1

After installing the application you need to open that morphin application.. then you can see the all types of guides how to use that app, You can read before how to use that app. After that You need to take a new photo of your self as I mentioned in the below picture.. your face must be fit in the marked area. Then the application will be started to create your own face in animated project.

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Next you can see the many types of preview gifs in the application you can choose which application you wanted you make your own face and then click and select that preview gif. ( as I mentioned in the below image)

Step 2

After selecting the preview that take some time to create your own gif file so you have to wait for that.. after some time your own gif file will be created.. bly clicking the sharing buttons like Whatsapp, Facebook etc,.. you can share your own gif to your friends. Also you can save your own face gif to your phone memory, to save that gif to your phone memory just simply tap on the icon save to device as i shown in the below example picture..

Step 3

Congratulations now your face gif has been created ..

How to download Morphin Gif Application ?

to download the application click on the below ‘Download Apploication’ Button the Apploication Will be Automatically downloaded to your phone.. then you need to manually install that application and you can use that app.

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Still now this application is not released yet so you have to wait for few days after that full update from the application developer they will able to publish the application after that you can easily download the application from the playstore however the application in early access mode but the installation limit is full so that you can download the apk file from our website as well as you can use this application without any ads thus application does not contain any types of advertisements on it.

To know how to use this application I made review video on our KANNADA  TECH youtube channel you can search our channel on youtube and you can watch our tutorial video so that you can easily understand how to use the application. 

Thank you visit again.

How to use iPhone Animoji face expression in your Android phone? Typany keyboard android application review.

Typany keyboard provides best user interface and also its one of the first keyboard application which provides the do it yourself features to us, also this keyboard provides us DIY( Do it yourself) theme facility which makes our mobile keyboard more attractive, like Animoji DIY doodle DIY also this keyboard app provides DIY Sound, Font, and more feautures.. And also this keyboard application provides 100 and above language instant translation. In Google play this keyboard application has the very high user reviews.. then this typany keyboard application words with many android devices with the lightening speed this makes very cool user interface.. This keyboard application will be available 100% free to download for the all android smartphone users, if you write any word in your native language this application will allows to you translate in any language you want instantly. No other app switching cannot be needed it can be run in WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, or any social media – to typing the text, sending emails. Also this app provides the features of chatting with worldwide people you can easily chat with them by using this application easily as well as if the another person that you are chatting in any language you can easily and instantly translate the message they sent.

How to install this typani keyboard app?

Watch the video tutorial by the video link given below..

First download the aplication from the playstore, To download the application in playstore search bar  search typani keyboard or click on the download link given below.. of this article ??

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After installing the application click open there you have to select some options in the phone settings.. like draw on another apps etc.. 

Click on the agree button.. and continue

And turn on Typany keyboard application 

After turning on the typany keyboard application you have to choose the best theme for your keyboard and click on the ok button to the next process.. 

After clicking the ok button.. You can see the lots of theme features in the app .. If you wanted to apply any theme to your keyboard and just click on the theme and download and install it ..

After installing the app click on the apply button to activate this theme for your keyboard..

Also to know to how to record and send animoji in your own face expression and your own voice just follow the instructions…

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First you need to open a chat.. Then click on the emoji button in the keyboard and click on the animoji install button.. The file size is nearly 22MB so wait until its fully download… 

Next clock on the download button and you have to wait until its fully downloaded..

After the installation of animoji you can show your face expression and you can also record your voice in this application.. To record your animoji character click on the record button..

After completion of the animoji record.. You can share that video clip to your any friends… To how to share see the image given below..

Finally we are sent our own animoji to our friends ??

You can also send your own animoji videos to your friends.. To create your own animoji .. Download the typanyb keyboard application.. Click on the below download link 

Thumbnail Changing Images || Amazing Funny WhatsApp Trick || October 2018 || Kannada Tech

This application allow to you send magical funny Images to your friends.. When you send the images to others the preview image will automatically changed into another image.

In this application you have upload two types of images first one the original image that you wanted to display and the second one is the image preview will be shown before downloading the image. After uploading the the two images click on the share with whatsapp button then select your whatsapp contact and click send button.. after the the image will be sent then you can see the original image in the conversation at the same time another person can see the preview image that you have selected . If the person will download that image the image will be automatically changed to the original image that you have selected then your friend will be shocked and surprised, also this trick will work if the another party will disabled the auto download of images in the whatsapp setting.. So lets know how to install this application and how to use it, Check out the image instructions given below.

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First download the application by clicking above “Download App” button after that go to settings in your Android phone .. then open security settings and turn on “Unknown Sources” Then install the download application..

After installing the application open the app

Step 1

Click the on the original that you want to display after downloading..

Step 2

Select the preview image which you want to show before downloading..

Step 3

Next click the “Share With WhatsApp” After select your social messaging app like WhatsApp

Step 4

Select your friends contacts and click on the send button ..

Congratulations now your funny thumbnail changing image is successfully sent to your friends ?

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