Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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How to use iPhone Animoji face expression in your Android phone? Typany keyboard android application review.

Typany keyboard provides best user interface and also its one of the first keyboard application which provides the do it yourself features to us, also this keyboard provides us DIY( Do it yourself) theme facility which makes our mobile keyboard more attractive, like Animoji DIY doodle DIY also this keyboard app provides DIY Sound, Font, and more feautures.. And...

Thumbnail Changing Images || Amazing Funny WhatsApp Trick || October 2018 || Kannada Tech

This application allow to you send magical funny Images to your friends.. When you send the images to others the preview image will automatically changed into another image.In this application you have upload two types of images first one the original image that you wanted to display and the second one is the image preview will be shown before...