This application allow to you send magical funny Images to your friends.. When you send the images to others the preview image will automatically changed into another image.

In this application you have upload two types of images first one the original image that you wanted to display and the second one is the image preview will be shown before downloading the image. After uploading the the two images click on the share with whatsapp button then select your whatsapp contact and click send button.. after the the image will be sent then you can see the original image in the conversation at the same time another person can see the preview image that you have selected . If the person will download that image the image will be automatically changed to the original image that you have selected then your friend will be shocked and surprised, also this trick will work if the another party will disabled the auto download of images in the whatsapp setting.. So lets know how to install this application and how to use it, Check out the image instructions given below.

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First download the application by clicking above “Download App” button after that go to settings in your Android phone .. then open security settings and turn on “Unknown Sources” Then install the download application..

After installing the application open the app

Step 1

Click the on the original that you want to display after downloading..

Step 2

Select the preview image which you want to show before downloading..

Step 3

Next click the “Share With WhatsApp” After select your social messaging app like WhatsApp

Step 4

Select your friends contacts and click on the send button ..

Congratulations now your funny thumbnail changing image is successfully sent to your friends ?

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