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What is face app challenge? How to change my face to old age photo? App Name

Hi today’s trending topic is face app challenge which is becoming more famous throughout all country and also mainly in India lots of celebrity’s like salman khan , Katrina kaif, akshyak kumar, Virat Kohli, Anushka dharma they are doing face app challenge.
Also all people of India slightly addicted to this app.. We are also making old age effects to our photo or our face using face app.
The face app application is a fun app..

By using this application we can able to create or apply more effects like.. Young age to our photo.. Old age effects to our photo.. We can also apply male to female or female to male effects to our photo.. Not only like that we can able to change our hair colors using this app.

This face app android application is available on play store, which is a fun app which apply more effects to our photo by using artificial intelligence algorithm.
The artificial intelligence systems which recognize the human face and identify that is a male or female and also it will apply the all face app effects automatically its a cool invention I like to appreciate it.

To download this application app link is given above click and install from the play store app.

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