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Today is world password day ! First Thursday of May Month

We celebrate First Thursday in the Month May Every Year as World password day.

Why we celebrate password day?

First the security researcher “Mark Burnet” encouraged for celebrating the “Password Day” and he Updated importance of password in 2005 In his book Perfect Passwords. Intel had inspired by his idea and intel declared the First Month of Thursday called as “World’s Password Day” in first May 2013. And it’s submitted by the big monocle in 2016. The main reason we celebrate World Password Day is to spread awareness about personal information security. People should gain the knowledge by this campaign and get secured in this digital world.

World password day, Celebrate World Password Day, WorldPasswordDay,WorldbPassword Day 2020,
World password day, Celebrate World Password Day, WorldPasswordDay,WorldbPassword Day 2020,

The upcoming dates of World Password Dates

  • 7 May 2020
  • 6 May 2021
  • 5 May 2022
  • 4 May 2023
  • 2 May 2024
  • 1 May 2025
  • 7 May 2026
  • 6 May 2027
  • 4 May 2028
  • 3 May 2029
  • 2 May 2030

World Password Day #WorldPasswordDay

Now a days there are many scammers are trying to steal your personal data. Nowadays we are addicted to internet and internet is a part of our life. Without internet we cannot survive our life properly. You know why ? Because we are depending all our needs in online or internet like Shopping, Banking, Social media, etc.. for these kinds of things our data or our security is most important factor to protect our personal information from any hackers we need to use strong passwords

Setup Stong Passwords step by step
  1. Regularly change old your password to new one.
  2. Use your password long letter more than 15 letters.
  3. Use symbols Alphabets Numerics combination while generating password.
  4. Don’t save your password in any device.
  5. Don’t share your password to anyone..
  6. Enable two step verification or two-factor. authentication to your account.
  7. Don’t give your smartphone to anyone.
  8. Don’t install cracked softwares to your devices.

By following these simple tips you can secure your online accounts.

Celebrate World Password Day

To celebrate World Password Day just share these tips to your friends directly on in social media by using this #WorldPasswordDay #Tag Secure yourself and Secure your friends thank you for reading.

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