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DREAM11 Ban in Karnataka No Access to Join Contests. Is Dream 11 Banned in Karnataka?

DREAM11 Ban in KarnatakaM11: After Karnataka’s new Police Act 2021 Says All the online betting apps, money wagering, and game of chance apps should be banned in the Karnataka state.

DREAM11 Ban in Karnataka

Dream11 still operates of this new rule, but An fantasy app MPL was already stopped access to play games in the Karnataka states.

But Dream 11 refused to stop services and still claims our game is on the basis of game of chance so we are complying with the rule so we cannot agree to ban.

A person called MAnjunath from Karnataka has failed to complain about Dream11 founders for not following the Karnataka police act 2021. Then after FIR now DREAM 11 stopped access for playing contests in the Karnataka state. a message displaying in dream 11 as Sorry, If your currently resident and/or bank account is from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim or Telangana you cannot participate in the cash contests on DREAM11.

Also read fake number for WhatsApp.

The game is fully not banned in Karnataka, they still will fight with the law in the court.

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