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How to Change Face in A Video | Replace Face in Video | Deepfake | Deepfacelab Free Software 2022

How to Change Face in A Video

How to Change Face in A Video | Replace Face in Video | Deepfake | Deepfacelab Free Software 2022. Deepfacelab is free nural network artificial inteligence program helps us to create a realistic deep fake videos easily. It recognizes faces in destination and source video then extract those faces and it will build face masks automatically there after it will blend faces and provides a such content.

How to Replace Face in Video

How to change face in a video | How to replace face in video |

Replace face in any video can be done in this time easily, there are many other methods like, Green screen keylight technology, cgi or vfx were used in cinemas to replace faces in videos. Also Some other android face changing apps like Zao Face changer availabe for smartphones so usres can easliy upload there face pictures and change face in any videos. But a AI Technology called deepfake is really a game changer program for replacing a person’s face to a another persons’s face.

How Deepfake Face Swap Technology Works?

This deep Face Lab Program just extract images from videos such as a destination file which we have to change the face and the source file which contains face which we wanted to swap on the destination video, then we have to train the software for several interations like deepfake must need above 200000 interations to get the real full quality refined face replacement. This cointains ai it will helps to build the facecial expressions artificially which is quite good and makes as a next gen tech.

How to use DeepFake DeepFaceLab?

Just download the Deepfake program file from the link below as per your graphics card model, then extract the file and go to workspace folder, replace data_dst and data_src files as per your requirement. Go back and click extract faces from data_scr after completing close window then click extract faces from data_src after extraction comples do the same for data_dst file.

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Click train96.bat to train the model for good result. after millions of interation save the internations and click merge96.bat then click merge to mp4 to get the file output of the face replaced video, the result file will be availabe inside workspace folder. Thank you.

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