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How to Remove Bloatware Apps from Any Android Phone Without Rooting 100% Working Method

How to Remove Bloatware Apps from Any Android Phone Without Rooting: The smartphone brands will fillup our new smartphone with lots of unwanted bloatware apps. When we try to remove or uninstall these apps from our smartphone there is now way to remove those apps easily. Instead you have to root your android smartphones or flashing custom roms this could work. But as I told this is not going to be a easy work. Now I came up with an another ADB sollution for this problem, we can easily fix this issue with a windows program.

Watch this video tutorial before proceeding.

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Remove bloatware android without root

Some people really searching for some apks for removing of their smartphones system apps but the apps you are searching cannot help you to solve your problem. The only method is left without rooting is ADB bloatware method as below.

Remove bloatware android adb

The adb bloatware removal tool is built for personal computers only, you cannot run this program on your smartphones, So that download and this widows software in your computer.

  1. Turn on Developer settings in your smartphone.
  2. Turn on USB Debugging.
  3. Install ADB Drivers to your PC By clicking this link.
  4. Download and extract Android Platform Tools
  5. Connect your Smartphone to Pc.
  6. Long press bloatware app info and know the app name.
  7. Find the app name in the list.
  8. Click unintall to remove bloatware.

By following these steps you can rid off from bloatwares in your smartrphones.

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