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How I record videos for my YouTube Channel ? How to record videos for YouTube using smartphone? Kannada Tech

How to record videos for YouTube channel?

Youtube Beginner Materials for Youtubers.

Hi, friends I am Manjunath from Kannada Tech Official YouTube channel I have a tech channel in YouTube community and I post videos related technology in the Kannada language so I have much subscribers and viewer’s for my channel to grow for my channel so I personally thankful for them forever of my lifetime.

1. Recording Videos for YouTube

When I was started Kannada Tech YouTube channel in November 2016 I don’t have any of DSLR camera so that I started to record videos by using my smartphone front camera but the quality is not as I expected after that I tried to record the videos through the rear camera the quality of the videos are not bad enough from the Rs.6000 budget camera so that I have Planned to buy a new smartphone which has the 13mp rear camera that’s enough for the videos record, but that’s also. Not satisfied me but now I have Redmi note 7 pro smartphone which has 16mp front camera and 48mp rear camera which is great to record my videos for my YouTube channel, My recommendation for you is using any good camera smartphone which is the upper budget of 15 to 20k range smartphones under the brands of MI, Real me, Samsung, iPhone, etc.. These brands of smartphones are enough to record videos for YouTube.

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2. How to record good quality audio for YouTube

Usually, some smartphones have inbuilt noise cancellation mic so that smartphone mic will reduce the background noise and it provides good quality audio for our video I recommend using a lapel mic for better Audio quality so that buy a Boy By-M1 Lapel mic which will provide good quality of audio. In iPhone also we can get better audio without any external mic.

3. How I edit my video’s for YouTube?

  1. How I edit my video’s for YouTube?

I will edit my recorded videos through android video editing apps, Firstly I recommend using Kinemaster Videos editing app this app is the best app for video editing through an android smartphone this app has a good user interface so you can try this app for video editing App link is given below to download.

For an alternative I use the PowerDirector app for video editing this is also the best app for editing videos through android smartphones, and the app link is given below to download.

Download & Enjoy your video editing all the best.

How I Make Thumbnail for YouTube videos?

  1. How I Make Thumbnail for YouTube videos?

How to make a thumbnail for YouTube videos?
I use Pixellab android app to make attractive thumbnails videos YouTube videos this app is a most useful app for who wants to create a beautiful thumbnail for YouTube this pixel lab app will help to create the best thumbnail for YouTube by this easy to use user interface which will help you to create a good thumbnail for YouTube the Pixellab app link is given below.

So these are some steps that I acquired to record videos for my Youtube channel and how I edit my videos for YouTube and how to make a thumbnail for YouTube videos.

Manjunath T
Manjunath T Creator at Kannada Tech YouTube Channel Since November 2016 , YouTube and Blogging is My Profession. I do blogging in my free time along with YouTube videos. I provide tech news in my youtube channel also I write articles in my website on technology news or updates related content.


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