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How to disable instant screen lock after power off in REDMI k20 Pro? [SOLVED] Answer For any Redmi Smartphones

To disable instant screen lock after power button clicks or instant screen lock after screen off the feature is getting older nowadays, In the latest MIUI versions there is no options to disable or enable instant lock in redmi k20 pro, redmi note 7 pr, redmi note 8 pro, redmi 6 pro, redmi note 9 pro or any other redmi smartphones which are including miui latest versions, but in some other redmi smartphones like mi A1 smartphones which include stock ROM ROMs in that smartphones we can get instant lock screen features but you cannot enable or disable instant lock settings in redmi k20 pro.

In another way you must get the instant lock screen feature in your redmi k20 pro yo must flash your device with any custom ROM with stock android operating system that will help you to enable instant lock screen to enable or disable features.

If your smartphone device supports an instant screen lock feature to enable or disable just follow the simple steps below.

You might get to set your Xiaomi phone to lock immediately when the screen is turned off. Here are the steps:

  1. From the device’s Settings, tap Lock screen & password > Set screen lock > Require password.
  2. Select Immediately.

If you suffering from instantly your redmi k20 pro screen locks instantly you can extend the screen lock time out.

  1. From the device’s Settings, tap Password & Security > Set screen lock > set Sleep to more than 1 minute or more than 10 minutes or set sleep to never sleep)

This will help you to avoid instant screen lock.

So these are the ways to enable or disable the instant lock in Xiaomi redmi smartphones Finally, there is no option to disable instant lock in redmi smartphones.

Thank you.

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