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How to unmute microphone of REDMI 6 Pro? [Solved]

Here, the way to solve the Redmi 6 pro mic problem involves play when your phones haven’t updated properly.

  1. Update the prevailing software.
    sometimes there could also be software issues in order that you’ve got to update your phone’s OS could also be just in case of any software synching problem it’ll be solved. to update your redmi 6 pro smartphone just goto the settings and click on about the phone and if any new updates found for your phone please update and recheck your phone mic is functioning properly or not.
  2. Restart your phone.
    some times any instruction of cache may be a drag for your phone in order that please restart your phone once each day to avoid any problems.
  3. For a temporary solution.

you can use an external headset or wireless Bluetooth to making calls after that repair your smartphone in the service center.

after doing these all steps above mentioned there could be an error within the main mic in order that you’ll make a mic test in your phone if the mic hardware doesn’t work properly you’ll replace that mic in a licensed mic service center.
Test for your hardware in Settings>About Phone>Tap on Kernel-Version until you see a replacement screen.

Here, you’ll perform different tasks and tests for your phone and it’ll surely resolve your problem.
so inspect the microphone test and check whether it’s working or not
if it’ll work properly the matter in your phone’s software if the mic doesn’t add the test the matter in mc hardware.

You can attend your nearest service center of Mi they might definitely assist you regarding the voice problem of your device otherwise you can simply try doing a factory reset of your phone which I don’t think goes to anything regarding voice problem.

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