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How to hide or change whatsapp profile picture and name | Whatsapp hide chat name pro | new trick | Android

Whatsapp chat name and profile pic or dp hide?

Hello friends I am back with a new exiting whatsapp trick by using this whatsapp trick you can able to hide your whatsapp chat heads while chatting as I shown in the picture you can able to change the whatsapp profile picture of another person and also you can able to change the whatsapp name of another person .

Whenever we chat in the public place or somewhere as a common problem they will see what we are chatting in the whatsapp? and also they will see the name of the person if that was a girl they may be tease us or they might think something else so that by installing the Whatsapp Chat Hide Pro You will able to change the dp and name of the whatsapp chat head by using this application any other person do not able to see the person who which we have chatting with?

Step 1

Download and install the whatsapp chat hide android application

To download the application the link given in the article below so read this complete article to know the how to use this app.

Step 2

Customize the fake profile picture and name

To customise the name and profile open the app there click the customise menu and edit the name and click save and also you can able to select the profile picture. Next you can able to change the online status also..

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To know better instruction see the refer the instruction picture below.

Step 3

Allow access to draw on other apps and usage access

As I shown in the picture click the setting choose the whatsapp chat hide and turn on. Also get back and click the setting to enable the draw on another app access. see the picture below.

Usage access

Draw on other app access

Step 4

The final step click the start button and open any whatsapp chat 

As the arrow mark shown in the picture there was a hidden button to enable the fake chat head. So you need to click that hidden icon the magic will happen ..

So now the fake whatsapp chat head is enabled any other people not able to see the real whatsapp head like name and profile picture of the other person.

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PlayStore Link

Click the above button to download the application so in our kannadatech.com website we have already posted some interesting useful articles so feel free to read our previous articles.

Download link: Click here

Thank you for reading this article and please visit again.

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