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Schedule WhatsApp Messages is Now Possible

Schedule WhatsApp Messages is now possible of this android app called Skedit. By using this app we can set timer for those WhatsApp messages which is very important and you don’t wanted to miss them by scheduling messages your can sit chill the app will send your message to your favorite person automatically.

Just download the Skedit App from below link and follow the instructions explained below.

This is the best WhatsApp trick for 2021. Also check 5 Must Have Apps For WhatsApp

Schedule WhatsApp Messages

Schedule WhatsApp Messages
Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  1. Download Skedit App from Play store
  2. Login with google or Facebook account
  3. Select WhatsApp schedule option
  4. Enable accessibilities for Skedit app in settings
  5. Come back to app
  6. Choose your favorite contact
  7. Enter your message
  8. Set date and time then save it.

Simple your WhatsApp message timer will be set. The message will sent by app automatically whet timer as completed. Thank you.

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