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Best Tempered Glass For Smartphones | Best Mobile Screen Protector 2021

Best tempered glass for smartphones. How to choose best mobile screen protector for your phone? becuase there are many types of screen guard available in the market. How to choose a best screen protector for your smartphone? what are those different types of screen guard? Best screen guard for your smartphone.
In this video I have explained about is plastic screen guard is protect your smartphone? And I have explain about is glass screen guards protects our phone screen? What is 9h 6d 9d 11d 120d terms in mobile screen guard..
Finally about how hammer proof screen guards or shutter proof screen guards are really protects our smartphone from damage?

Tempered Glass

How to choose best mobile screen protector?

There different types of mobile phone screen guards available in the market. Choosing the best smartphone screen protector is quite easy by learning the real facts and truth of smartphone screen protectors.

Best Tempered Glass

Mainly we can notice 3 types of mobile screen protectors in the market nowadays,

  1. Plastic mobile screen protectors
  2. Glass Screen Guards (Tempered Glass)
  3. Hammer Proof Screen Guards (Shutter proof screen guards)

Reality of plastic screen protectors

The plastic mobile screen protectors are the really worthless product to buy. Using plastic screen protectors doesnot provide the best protection for our smartphone screen, Also it does not avoid screen from braking. The good thing in this screen protector it avoid scratches on the mobile screen. Finally this type of screen guard not recommended to use. The cost of this material at very cheap arroung ₹5 INR So please don’t waste your money for this.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass are known as glass screen guard. This type of screen protectors are full made of glass that means it can be broken easily. Considering its thickness it can protect our smartphones screen from scratches and it will prevent from screen brik.

tempered screen guard

In this glass screen guards there are three types available.

  1. 2D tempered glass
  2. 2.5D tempered glass
  3. 3D tempered glass

The 2D tempered glases has sharp edges, 2.5D tempered glass comes with the curved edges nowadays many smartphones are comes with 2.5D curved edges so using this types of 2.5D curved tempered glasses to our phones it provides godd looks also its will prevent from scratching. it will not removed or bubbled accidently. I recomend to use 2.5D glasses for your smartphone screen protection its good only if you doesnot fall your smartphone not too many times becuase it will be broken easily.

Mobile Screen Protector

In curved tempered glasses the temprerd glass manufactures add name on the rappers the terms 9h 6d 9d 10d 11d these are only marketing gimicks never go for numbers its not meaning the quality of glass, whichever D is mentioned those are only 2.5D curved glasses in the same quality of material. So please don’t invest more money.

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Hammer Proof Tempered Glass | Shutter Proof Tempered Glass

This hammer proof mobile screen protectors are some layers I cannot defined which matrial but in other words its a made of fiber. It cannot be broken while hitting from hammer and it cannot be broken while streatching its a flexible screen protector around of 2mm thickness. I recommend you to use this mobile screen protector for best protection. It prevent from phone screen breaking and scratches. Also this screen protectors is Unbreakable. I made a dedicated video regarding tempered glass on my youtube channel kannada tech in kannada language please watch that too.

How Choose Best Tempered Glass For Your Smartphones | How to Buy Best Mobile Screen Protector

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