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GPS Survey App – Surveying With Android Smartphone Application

What is GPS ?

GPS refers to global positioning system which will help you to track your real location where you are standing with help of map. By using this GPS device you can able to navigate where you wanted to go. Now days GPS is using in various field like transportation , travelling, and also for GPS Mapping and surveying.

GPS Surveying and Mapping With Smartphone

Surveying land and building are important needs of all people like real estate formers and etc.. Also the cost for the surveying is too much. And the demanding for the land survey is also in high rate. I am not recommending this GPS Survey because this types of GPS Survey will not able to give you 100% accurate results so that u can able to use this mobile gps surveying app for only estimating purposes. If you want to seriously buying or selling your property then you can go with the local surveyor.

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How To Install GPS Survey Application For Our Smartphone ?

To Install GPS Survey Application to your android smartphone app download link given below of this article so that you can download the GPS Survey app ans use GPS Surveying feature.

How to use GPS Survey App?

Step 1

Download and install the app and after installing you have to open that application and there you have to choose your current location or choose your location where your land or the property is located.

Step 2

After choosing the location then click the box icon which is shown in the example pictures so that after choosing that button click the satellite icon now the map will be converted into satellite view like a real world pictures so that you can able to mark your survey pointing easily.

Step 3

Then click on the setting icon there choose the measuring units as acre , hector, or in the square foot. By using this method you will get the results which you can able to easily understand.

Step 4

Click the plus button and choose the area then select the manual measuring option then you have to start marking on the map where your land is showing.

After marking you can able to see the the measured area of your land in units that you are already selected (Units will show the left side bottom screen).. Now the land survey is completed you can able to survey your land and buildings like this.

Download GPS Survey App: Geo Measure Area calculator
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To download the app click the above button and install that App , I this this article will helpful for you please share this article to your friends..

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