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What is Solar Power System? Types of Solar Power System? in India 2021 Free Energy

Solar Power System

  1. Introduction: Solar panels converts energy from sunlight into electricity. Nowadays people are adopting polar panels for sustainability and cost effectiveness. The most of electricity is made by burning fossil fuels and nuclear power plants which is more dangerous for our nature. Solar panels uses unlimited natural energy from the sun to generate electricity without causing pollution. Also once we have installed the solar panels, We do not have to spend money for electricity. Provides unlimited free electricity and its cost effective also.

Types of Solar Power System

  • Types of solar panels:  Commonly there are two types of solar panels available in the market which is On-Grid & Off-Grid, The difference between these solar system On-Grid works with the grid system Off-Grid works independently.
  • On-Grid Solar Syetm:  It includes 3 types of components 1. Solar panel  2. Inverter  3. Net Meter (analyses the output of power) This  type of solar system is connected to this electric grid system. It help us to reduce electricity bill. Solar panel produces DC from sunlight, Inverter converts DC to AC and Power Home /Business. Excess power set back to the grid by the net meter. However this types of solar system will not work during power outages, recommended to use in minimal power outage places.
What is an on-grid solar power system? types of solar power system, solar panel

What if there are some remote places with more power outages or no power supply?

  • Off-Grid Solar System: It will work more effective even when there is not power supply. This solar power system includes 1. Solar panel  2. Inverter and 3. Battery.

How did it work? The solar panel generates DC energy. Inverter converts generated DC to AC Power up the home or business appliances. If the power usage is less generated excess power will be stored in the battery and this will be used during power outages and the solar panel could not generate power (during night times).  This type of solar system is more recommended to use in places like there are more power cuts and no power supply. If we installed this type of solar system this is a one-time investment to get unlimited free electricity for a long time with minimal cost.

Solar Power, Solar power system, Types of solar powers sytem, Solar pannel,

What is an off-grid solar power system?

However both solar systems have their own advantages, On-Grid Solar system is easy to install and cost-effective, for home/business you can save more money on the electricity bill.

In an Off-Grid solar system remote areas with no power supply and power cut at any time can use this solar system to generate and store electricity and use when needed like night times, during power outages, and power cut also in rainy seasons.

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