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Is Xiaomi Kills Smartphones With an Update?

Is Xiaomi Kills Smartphones By an Update!
Hi, Team Xiaomi My YouTube channel subscriber purchased Poco X2 Smartphone, After getting an update the camera app doesn’t work. Showing black screen only.

Poco X2 Camera Not Working

He took his phone to service center they just told that the phone motherboard is damaged should change that. You have to pay ₹10000 for it. For proof I have attached quotations below. I just asking is xiaomi is planning to kill their customers smartphones by providing an update making their old phones sick like camera not problem & hanging problems etc.. To increase their sales of new smartphones? We need answer.

Xiaomi, poco x2 camera not working

Also I request you to solve this problem because people will buy smartphones after seeing reviews from us. I also made a unboxing and review of poco m2 in my YouTube channel (link: ) they trust us. The users phones doesn’t have any physical damage, the problem has occurred because of an update so Xiaomi company should responsible for that. Please solve this problem or as a influencers I have to talk more about this problem.

The your customer who bought this phone he planing to make complaint on consumer court, for my knowledge this problem is already known after getting update some poco x2 smartphones having this problem and xiaomi provides free service for this. The well excuse from your side is customers will brick their smartphones camera intentionally! Shame on you is their any way to stop working my smartphones camera without physically damaging? Why should I brick my smartphone’s camera to get free service 😂.

Manjunath T
Manjunath T
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