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Drone Prathap Real or Fake? Real Truth and Facts of Drone Boy from Karnataka

The well known young scientist drone Prathap is trolling on social media platforms from the past few days. The reason for this situation is a famous news website called opindia.com has published news on Drone Prathap is fake.

Drone Prathap says he made 600 drones from e-waste like mixer grinder parts and tv parts etc…Drone Boy Prathap has claims he got Young Scientist Award along with a gold medal for concept drone to protect a human using thermal scanning technology project exhibition in an International Robotic Exhibition in Tokyo Japan in 2017. And he claims he claimed Albert Einstein Innovation Medal he has got in drone expo in Hanover Germany in 2018.

OpIndia reports there are any publications that prove his name not mentioned in any award winners list of any of the drone expo he had claimed of winning medals and awards for developing drones. Including International Robotic Exhibition in Tokyo Japan in 2017 and drone expo in Hannover 2018 Germany. And no international newspapers have published about the news of Prathap winning awards.

Drone Prathap Certificates Real or Fake?

I have given some pictures of drone boy prathap wich he claimed he recieved the awards. source of certificates

The images has given for readers obseration.

This International Robot Exhibition 2017 was held in Tokyo Japan, And This exhibition is Organized by Japan Robot Association (JARA), THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD. Not by the AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE company and also this company is located in Germany.

The iREX 2017 – International Robot Exhibition 2017 Number of exhibitors 612 companies and organizations, Exhibitors from overseas 88 companies and organizations from 14 countries(USA, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Canada, Slovakia, China, Korea, Taiwan) Had participated in the exhibition other than no other Individual scientist had participated in this event. The proof of this full event details is attached in this article which shows in blue colored text click on the links and clarifies it. The list of companies and organizations participated in the International Robot Exhibition 2017 is here.

You can clearly notice in this certificate Prathap holding in the picture written as presented by Airbus instead of presented by THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD. The proof of the exhibition organizers and Airbus company details have been bound in the above paragraph which shows in blue color those are the link for the original source links.

The above pictures show the certificates of Albert Einstein Innovation Medal which are received to Drone boy Prathap by CeBIT 2018 International Drone Expo in Germany held by the company called Deutsche Messe.

But the present CEO of Deutsche Messe is Dr. Jochen Koeckler in Hannover, Germany. He becomes the CEO of this company in July 2017, Now you can notice on the certificate which is in the hand of Pratap and he is standing in front of the Eiffel tower Paris, On the certificate of Albert Einstein Innovation Medal in bottom left side printed as Wolfram von Fritsch CEO of Deutsche Messe. But Wolfram von Fritsch is an EX CEO of Deutsche Messe And Wolfram von has handed over his leadership role to Dr. Jochen Köckler effective 30 June 2017. The source links of this fact have been attached in this article so please check it out.

In social media, people are criticizing about Drone Prathap he is fake and he does not receive any international awards and he does not have any proper evidence of any photographs award receiving movement in any exhibition also people say that he is telling only false stories or tales about his life for motivational speeches and Kannada Actor Jaggesh told he is the first person fooled by Prathap stated Kannada news channels.

Prathap has replied that the exhibitions are done by unregestered organizaitons and there is no official website of organizaions to provide informations about his award wining movement, But the The iREX 2017 – International Robot Exhibition 2017 by THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD. and CeBIT 2018 International Drone Expo in Germany held by the company called Deutsche Messe are registered organizations and they have official websites for their organizations and also for the events.

However in response to this issue in social media Prathap have himself said thatall this are fake and he would be provig this by showing all of his awards,certificates and photographies by end of his week by organizing a press conference. Hence we have to wait for what Prathap would say or show to prove himself to his followers like us and then we would be conclude this issue has fake or real.

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Watch full detail video in Kannada Language here: https://youtu.be/hx4bj7t4MXk

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