Fake WhatsApp : Whatsapp lock pro the secret whatsapp lock Application review


Hi my dear friends  I found a amazing application from the google  play  store the app called Whatsapp Lock Pro by using this application you can able to protect your whatsapp chats from your friends, family or any strangers. This whatsapp lock pro application is creates a mask before opening the original whatsapp application also its the screen shows like a original whatsapp, The whatsapp lock pro app shows the display like the original whatsapp if anyone open your whatsapp they can only see empty chat history , no status they cannot see anything they can only see the empty whatsapp application as I provided a screenshot below.

However this whatsapp lock pro application is more helpful for the users who likes more privacy on their whatsapp chat history , I am not sure this application makes full privacy of your whatsapp but anyway I have tested about this application its works more fine  so I am suggesting this whatsapp lock pro application to you. Now this whatsapp lock pro application is not officially published in the play store but its a beta test version it does not contain any ads still now so you can install this application without any risk.

How it will going to work?

This app will works like mask over the original whatsapp also this app will look like the original whatsapp it does not shows any chat history in the screen, If any other person open our whatsapp app this fake whatsapp will appear on the screen and they cannot read any chats in our whatsapp app also this whatsapp app will look like the official whatsapp so they can’t read your messages.

To unlock this whatsapp lock pro application you need to click the create new conversation 3 times the whatsapp lock will shows the pattern or password  that we have already created. After entering the correct password or the correct pattern the whatsapp lock pro app will unlock the official whatsapp application so you can easily use your official whatsapp application without any privacy issue. Tho know how to unlock the whatsapp lock pro application you can see the two pictures given below in this paragraph.

How to install WhatsApp lock pro application ?

To install whatsapp lock pro application you can search the whatsapp lock pro application in the google play store you can easily install the whatsapp lock pro application or I have given the direct link to download the whatsapp lock pro application the link is given in this article so read this full article at the end of this article you can able to see the whatsapp lock pro application download link.

How to use or How to setup the WhatsApp lock pro application?

Already I have make a tutorial video how to use this application in our KANNADA TECH YouTube channel so you can watch the tutorial video the video link given below.#

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Step 1

First you need to download and install the whatsapp lock pro application from the playstore and open the application. After opening the application click the arrow mark shown, next you need to enable the Usage access  of whatsapp lock pro on your mobile settings as the picture provided below.

Fig 1

Step 2

You need to enable the Draw over the other apps  option in your smartphone setting then get back to the whatsapp lock pro application.

Step 3

Their you can see the which application you like to lock. You have to choose the whatsapp application to lock,  as I mentioned in the below wit pictures.

Step 4

You have to create password the the pattern lock for the privacy protection for an example I have choose pattern lock for the whatsapp application.

Enter the pattern and and click confirm and you need to re enter the pattern again and click confirm. So now the protection setup is completed you can see the pictures.

 Step 5 

Here we go for the final setting so that is you have to choose the fake whatsapp option in the whatsapp pro application then you need to enable the fake whatsapp option. Hey now your whatsapp fake lock setup is fully completed you can now use the all features of this application now if anyone open your whatsapp application they can see the empty whatsapp chats only.

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Download this app and enjoy this amazing features so welcome again for our website we will daily post all new updates related to the technology, If you like to read our previous post you can read in our website so visit again thank you.


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