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How to Set Rainbow Border Light On Any Android Smartphone ? No Root

Hai friends I am Manjunath from Kannada tech youtube channel today I am back with an another double exiting android application so by installing these application you can able to activate amazing cool rainbow light border effects on your smartphone.

The uses of this application is.. This app will help you to make your smartphone better look it will make attraction of anyone.

So I am going to suggest two applications so you have to download that application to turn your smartphone into a amazing look ..

Border Mask For Notification

This app will work as a notification reminder also this application will replace the stock notification heads up into the new trend, For example it will show any notification into the heads up notifier it will amazing right. Also you can change the heads up notification style into the samsung heads up style or the iphone notification style.

To enable the border light when a notification appears you need to just follow these simple steps .

Step 1

Download the application called Edge mask for notification. The application download link is given in the below of this article so first you need to download and install that application from the play store.

Step 2

After opening the application then click on the setting icon them enable the notification access to the application. After enabling the Notification access return to the application then follow the steps shown in the picture.

Step 3

Next you need to enable the Accessibility in that application that will forward you to your mobile settings there you have to click on the Edge mask application and you  need to enable the notification access to this application to the next step.

Then get back to the application there you have to enable the edge lighting function , And enable the rainbow colour effect also you can change the transparency duration and also edge lighting size by using these settings. 

After completing these all settings, Congratulations now your edge lighting feature is enabled for your any android smartphone.

To download this application I have provide the playstore link of this edge light application so click the download button and install and use this application.

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Edge Light For Music

The edge light for music application is  very useful application to activate the edge light for our android smartphone, Whenever we play any music from our smartphone the edge lighting will be automatically glow in our smartphone edge this looks our mobile more amazing look.

Step 4

Download and install the Edge mask for music application the download link is given below in this article. After downloading the application you need to open that application.

After opening the Edge Mask For Music application. Then you need to click on the setting button that will transfer to you the phone setting then you have to enable the notification setting for your Edge mask music application. after enabling that option get back to the application.

Step 5

After that you need to turn off the rounded corners function in that application, There after you need to decrease the speed of the edge lighting setting. After that the main important thing is you must enable the Rainbow color feature in this application setting.

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Be cool now your application setting is fully completed.. Now you can able to enjoy the round edge lighting features in your smartphone while playing the musics on your smartphone.

So thank you for reading this article , And also please check our previous amazing articles that could more helpful for you.

Thanks again and Thanks again and visit agian.

Manjunath T
Manjunath T
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