Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps for 2020

1. DigiLocker (All Government Documents)

You can able to save all types of documents like Aadhar Card , Driving License and Vehicle Registration etc.. Soft copy in this digi locker android application.

Government of India allows to carry Driving License and RC (Vehicle registration) soft copy through this DigiLocker App And You can show this to the traffic police they will agree it.

First download and register through your phone number and email id after set password. Then link your Aadhar Card First and click “Get it now” then search and add your all documents .

2. 3D Parallax wallpaper Make your own 3D wallpapers

By installing this app you can able to use 3D high definition high quality wallpapers , Also you can able to create your own 3D wall paper by using this app.

for tutorial how to make your own 3D wallpaper watch this video: How to create own 3D wallpaper

To download this app link has been given in here below.

3. Material Notification App Add your own photo to status bar.

The material status bar application will allow you to add your own photo to your smartphone status bar custom background image.

just download the app and make some settings you can able to change the background image of your Status bar.

4. Gesture Music Player

Write gesture on your mobile screen the songs will be automatically changed according to your presets that you have been already saved in this app.

5. Tik Too Flying Video Maker (VFly Apk)

Hello friends dawai play Android application is helpful to you make the beautiful video visual effects to your Tik Tok videos by downloading and installing this application you can able to create your phone playing videos to your phone’s such as flying on a skateboard flying parrot flying on animal Bird so something like that so just you can download the application from below download and install the application and enjoy your favourite P Jewel facts to give videos so thank you

6. How to get notification when someone is online on whatsapp

whatsapp online notification app is the most useful app for all to get notification when someone is online on whatsapp for free, This whatsapp online notifier android app is free to use software for only one contact only.

whatsapp online notification app help you to get notified when someone is online on whatsapp 2019 its working trick newly found in the web

whatsapp online notification free app whatsapp friends online alert whatsapp online notification free app

7. Female voice calling app for android

hello friends if you want to call your friends with female voice you can able to download this application and you can make call through this application by using internet connection so this application is allowed to make calls with female voices the application name is magic call you can download this application from below link.

8. Blue Light Filter App For Eye Protection While using smartphone in night.

the blue light filter app will help you to protect your eyes from the dangerous blue light that are emitted from your smartphone so that this do that filter apple make a layer on your smartphone that will reduce the blue lights that could be emitted from your smartphone so that the blue light will be reduced in your smartphone display that could be filtered by this blue light filter app so that in this case you don’t need to use any type of blue light or UV filter goggles for specs to prevent any diseases of these blue lights so that it this blue light filter app is more useful for you so we can download this app from here for free the download link has been given in the description below so that you can able to click on the download link is given below so that that link will directly take into the play store so that the play store I will give you the perfect app for you so that you can click on the install button uninstall that app and useful app for you that is a absolutely free app.

Top 10 best android apps 2020

Hi friends I am back with an exiting android apps which will mind blow yourself, by installing this application you will able to enjoy exiting services which would never experienced before yet. In 2019 there are many android apps in the play store that will more helpful fore the android smartphone users. Now days the android application developers are providing new and unique types of android apps that can allow us to use and take the advantages of that android app services for free like without paying any cost for that applications.

1. Calloop Android App Pro Download For Free

The calloop android application is the amazing app because i found this app in google play store today and I never trusted its going to work or not, but after installing this application its providing good service for me, the service is this app will help us to get amazing caller id animation showing on our android smartphone.

To install this application the link will be given below of this paragraph, download the app from the play store and open the app and enable the settings the needs, after that choose the animation template.

Then whenever you receive call there is the exiting caller id animation which can expose yourself in the friends cricket in a next level.

2. Recover deleted messages on whatsapp android application (WAMR Application download for free)

The second interesting application is WhatsApp deleted message saving application, the WhatsApp has been launched a new service called delete for everyone feature by using this feature any person can delete the message which have been already sent by them so if they made any mistake they can easily delete their message which they have been sent that deleted message doesn’t show on to the another person ever. I think you have been exciting to know about this application called WhatsApp deleted message saving application this application will help you to know and see the deleted message that have been already deleted by another person which was doesn’t show on your phone’s chat but by installing this application you can able to read that message they have been deleted or they have been deleted message using delete for everyone feature so this application is not only for the text message but this application is also works for the photos if they deleted the photos which they have sent then you can able to see the photos they have been deleted.

I think this application may helpful for you. Let’s see how does this application will work this application will work in the background if any WhatsApp message has been received to your phone this application will say that message an if anyone delete the message they have been sent to you this application will recover automatically recover the message they have been deleted so let’s see the steps involved in this application you must download the application from the below link and install that application as enabling the unknown sources after successfully installing this application open the application and please enable the required settings the ads is asking for you after that please minimise the application in background and use the WhatsApp as usual to download the application the link have been given this paragraph below.

3. Download whatsapp toolkit app

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4. Create your own cartoon character video ( meing app download )

The old version of meing will help you to create your own cartoon character videos, Install this app and create your own cartoon video , yeah its will look like you . the meing old apk version has different types of video templates so that you can able to make your own cartoon animation video by using this android application.

5. Full WhatsApp Status Video ( WhatsApp Cut Pro Apk)

Whats cut pro application will help you to upload full videos to the WhatsApp status you can upload full video songs for you. WhatsApp is not officially announcing full video status for WhatsApp it’s a limited for 30 seconds only but by installing this whatscut pro application you can able to upload full videos bywhatscut pro application the full length video will be cut or split by 30 seconds video and it will be uploaded to the WhatsApp status sequence li so you can able to enjoy the full WhatsApp video status

Application link in the description so install that application and open and use that WhatsApp application to upload the full videos status to your WhatsApp.

6. Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Android App ( Repetitouch pro alternative)

This application is allows to you type automatically on your Mobile screen and its can able to send multiple messages simultaneously without any break as we scheduled this app, Its work as overly of our mobile screen and we have to schedule a task to this app. And it will gets clicks on the mobile screen automatically if we click the start button.

7. WhatsApp Status Maker App: How to use MBit Music: Partically video status maker app WhatsApp status maker Android app?

Hey guys welcome to welcome back with other exciting Android the application name is called m bit this application will help you to make amazing WhatsApp status videos . With its amazing user interface you can easily use this application without any problem you can able to create amazing WhatsApp status videos easily and make you video status to share your directly to the WhatsApp and enjoy the service for free of cost you can able to download the application from the below link the link is given below we can download that application directly from the play store and use it as well.