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How to Know Who Secretly Use Your Mobile or Who Theft Your Mobile Without Knowing You?

Hello friends in this new articles I am am articles I am am new articles I am am I am come with an exciting application this application will help you to find out who theft your mobile?

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First you need to download an application called third eye so the download link of this application is given below at the end of this article.

After downloading this application you have to install the application so after installing the application open the application and enable the device administration rights after enabling the device administration this application is ready to find out that your mobile or this app is help you to find out which who enters the password or the pattern wrongly on your mobile phone.

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By using this application this application will help you to take a picture of the person and store this to the cloud or in the Google drive so that you can able to know or you can able to see the photos of that person who theft your mobile without knowing you.

But before that you have to enable the cloud store option in this application settings as the is shown in the picture.

I think this application may helpful for you or this article may helpful for you so that if you like this article I don’t forget to read or previous article in this website so thank you for visiting.

Manjunath T
Manjunath T
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