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How to enable Hotspot on Jio Phone? 100% Working – New update May 2020

You can enable the hotspot in your Jio Phone by following this tips .. To enable hotspot in Jio Phone now these models are supported.

  • LYF_F10Q
  • LYF_F30C
  • LYF_F50Y
  • LYF_F90M
  • LYF_F120B
  • LYF_F2403N

Make sure your Jio Phone Model is listed above.

Requirements: You must have a laptop or computer and instal the miracle box software. To install the software the link have been given below.

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After downloading the zip file you need extract there you get the password for installing the Miracle box in the txt file after that click on the miracle box exe installer then enter the password now our first step is completed.

How to install OmniSD on Jio Phone?

Next download JIO PHONE ALL QC OmniSD zip file from below which contains the programmer files of jio phone(all models)

After downloading the omnisd for jio phone zip file extract that zip file into the desktop now our second step is completed.

Next Backup your all data including contacts from your Jio Phone because in this step we are going to flash our jio phone.

Now open Miracle Box software and click on the qualcomm section and click on the flashing button then disable the auto I have shown in the example picture below.

qualcomm, flashing and disable auto

After that choose a programer file from the zip you have already extracted from the Jio phone OmniSD zip file for your Jio Phone Model As shown in the picture below.

After choosing the programmer file from next choose the RawProgram file and Patch File same as shown in the picture, then tick the new method.

select raw program file
select patch file same as above

Jio Phone Drivers For Windows

Now download the driver and install on your computer for connecting jio phone, link given below.

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Now switch off your jio phone and connect your jio phone with micro USB cable by long pressing * and # keys simultaneously or if not connected then long press ok key in your jio phone and you able to see a flashing screen in jio phone that means your jio phone has been successfully connected to your computer.

connect usb cable

Now click port in the miracle box and select new method then click start button and wait for sometime jio phone will be flashed in few minutes.

select port, new method, and press start

Jio Phone Fast APN Settings

Now remove usb and power on your jio phone, next open network setting and add a new apn called jionet and save and select that vpn to turn on the internet data, As shown in the picture.

goto settings, network settings apn settings

How to install Hotspot on Jio Phone?

Now download the JbHotspot zip file from your jio phone, So browse kannadatech.com in your jio phone and find How to enable hotspot in jio phone post and open this article and download the zip file from below.

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After downloading jb hotspot zip file now open a app called omnisd from your jio phone that app will be automatically installed in your jiophone, So open the omni sd app and you can able to see the JbHotspot Zip file then click ok on that file the hotspot will be installed in your jio phone then once open that jb hotspot app and reboot your jio phone that’s it the hotspot has been successfully enabled on your jio phone, Now you can connect jio phone hotspot to your smartphone and computers.

How to turn on hotspot on Jio Phone?

Open omniSD app from the menu after rebooting your Jio phone and click install JBHotspot.zip


After installing open jb hotspot app from menu and restart your phone again , after rebooting open the JBHotspot and connect hotspot with any devices.

you can notice a hotspot symbol in jio phone now connect to any device.

You cant understand this please watch the video about how to enable hotspot on jio phone (click and watch the videos):

How to enable Hotspot in Jio Phone? 100% Working New Update 2019?|| Kannada Tech

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